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Freezer Ben Wa Ball Remote Control Kegel Ball Exercises Set - White

Freezer Ben Wa Ball Remote Control Kegel Ball Exercises Set - White

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Ben Wa Ball Remote Control Kegel Ball Exercises Set. Regain bouncy muscles, hot up your love life! Freezer, your ideal bead ball kegel training set. Squeeze to contract and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in order to prevent or control urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems. Simple installation and multiple combinations. Change different balls with one-ball silicone harness to explore each weight individually, 11g vibrating ball with 9 frequencies, 21g and 29g ben a ball. Double-ball harness to combine weights until you reach the maximum of 50g. Made with body-safe material, waterproof and easy to clean. Remote wireless control within 10m, play a spicy erotic couples play! Waterproof IPX7. USB Magnetic Charger. One Year Warranty.
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Customer Reviews

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Would recommend for everyone

I was pleasantly sunny how easy the product is to use and that it really does live up to what it claims. I have incontinence and even take medication for it. I have used the product for month three times as week and after that time I am not needing to wear a pad daily.

Great set

Using the kegel ball makes me more horny than ever, I still didn't reach the climax I want but I still love this weights I use all of them even the heaviest you have with the small bub its great thanks!

Lindsay J.

The directions are easy to follow and customer support is superb! I found the information on the website to be very informative and I was immediately impressed by the overall product and the problems it solves. Ladies, look no further because Kegel ball is THE BEST.

Doesn't work

For me personally it didn't do any justice I was better off just doing my kegels naturally. The products is beautiful though may work for someone else.

I'm definitely seeing a difference!

I found it easy to order, easy to use and it actually works. Keeping the weight in the shower makes it a visual reminder to use. I'm definitely seeing a difference!