What is a Penis Sleeve?

Regardless of who you are or how you identify yourself, you deserve to feel confident and attractive in bed. For anyone with a penis, size sometimes matters. You want a member that you can be proud of and will satisfy your partner. When you don’t feel confident about yourself in bed, it can overflow into other areas of your life and your relationship.

We’re here to give you back your sexual confidence! So hold on and get ready to discover a sex toy accessory like nothing you’ve ever seen, felt, or experienced before. 

What Exactly is a Penis Sleeve?

We thought you’d never ask! Traditional sex sleeves (also known as cock sleeves) come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and designs but all share the same objective - to increase the size of your penis. Sleeves are also referred to as penis extenders, penis stretchers, and penis sheaths. Unfortunately, most penis sleeves focus on length rather than girth, which is actually the secret to unlocking true pleasure.

Wondering how to use it? It’s really quite easy. A penis sleeve is designed to slide over an erect shaft, adding mostly length and minimal girth. Think of it as a wearable dildo. Most guys invest in penis sleeves to better satisfy their partners. The problem is, most penis sheaths don’t help out in the intimacy department and leave the wearer (and the head of their penis) in the dark. Not to mention, they’re often low-quality novelty products that don’t look or feel like the real thing. You want a penis sleeve that boosts your confidence, not one that makes you feel foolish or embarrassed. 

Should I Try a Traditional Penis Sleeve? 

We’d love to give you a cut and dry answer to this, but there’s not one. 

Let’s start with WHY you might be considering a penis sleeve. Are you someone who fantasizes about a thick penis? Do you equate a bigger dick with more intense orgasms? If so, you may want your partner to amp up their game and give you the thick cock you’re craving. Once you and your partner decide to try a sex sleeve, you’re probably expecting a mind blowing experience. Well… we hate to disappoint you but chances are, you’ll get much less than you bargained for.

The design of traditional cock sleeves just isn’t functional or practical. They’re enclosed at the top, which means the wearer can’t feel much of anything - what fun is that? While the person getting fucked might enjoy the feeling of a bigger penis, it’ll probably be longer, but not thicker. Did you know that a penis that’s too long can actually be uncomfortable? That’s right - longer doesn’t mean better! The person on the receiving end might also feel disconnected from their partner and a little uncomfortable with this foreign, plastic-feeling object in their body. 

On the other hand, a well-made, expertly designed cock sleeve can deliver more intense orgasms and increased intimacy between partners. That’s right - a stronger erection could lead to a stronger connection both in and out of the bedroom.

If your relationship has recently left the honeymoon stage and taken a nose dive into complacency, you need to try one of our open-ended penis sleeves NOW! Did you know that over 50% of couples wish they were having more sex? Bringing sex toys into the bedroom is an unintimidating way to spice things up. Using a penis sleeve is also a great way to indulge in your fantasies while still being monogamous. But cock sleeves aren’t just for people in committed relationships. If you lead a kinkier lifestyle and want to surprise your next partner with a super-sized treat, why not try a wearable dildo that lets you fuck your lover in every position possible? Whatever your current situation, our Sex Sleeve can help you “up” your game and your pleasure. 

Girth Is Where It’s At!

So, ditch those other cock sleeves that focus only on length and only on one person’s pleasure. Instead, find a sleeve that offers enhancement where you need it most - in the girth of your penis! 

Fun fact: the average penis is just under 5.5 inches long when erect. Believe it or not, this is more than enough to satisfy most people. For ladies, the G-Spot is located just inches the vaginal opening - fully accessible to the average penis. Guys, your P-spot is also located just inside the anal canal, which means sexual stimulation isn’t out of reach. In both cases, you don’t need a penis extender to satisfy your partner. What you do need is a sleeve to enhance your girth and stretch and fulfill your lover like never before.

If you’re looking for a sex toy that delivers a closer connection, deeper intimacy, and more intense orgasms, look no further than our open-ended Girth Enhancement Penis Sleeve.

Why a Zealous Pleasures Sleeve?

Aside from the fact that our Girth Enhancement Penis Sleeves deliver in all the right areas, it was designed specifically with both partner’s pleasure in mind. Our president and founder of Zealous Pleasures understands and values people from all walks of life. Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, our Penis Sleeves can help your sexual dreams come true. Nothing gives us more pleasure than knowing others are being pleasured.

Our Open-ended Sleeves are made of 100% body-safe, soft silicone, and designed to look and feel like a real penis, boosting your confidence and sex drive. The exposed head allows for complete sexual satisfaction and a major boost in confidence. The flexible material, internal channels and ball strap make the Sleeve easy and comfortable to wear no matter how wild and crazy you get! Because our Sleeves are also condom-friendly, you can enjoy safe, worry-free sex every single time! Another awesome feature is that you can use the Open-ended Sleeves to enhance any of your favorite toys. It fits securely on most dildos and vibrators for a quick and inexpensive sex toy upgrade! 

Now that you understand what makes the our Open-ended Girth Enhancement Penis Sleeve like no other sleeve on the market, the only thing left to do is order one for yourself and see what all the buzz is about! 

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