Highway Rest Stop - Erotica

Highway Rest Stop - Erotica

On the surface, Paul was your average 20-something college graduate. He had several high school girlfriends and banged countless random chicks in college. He played lacrosse, joined a fraternity, and lost his virginity to the cheerleading captain on the 50-yard line as part of a dare. Most guys wanted to be him and every girl wanted to fuck him. Too bad Paul wasn’t interested in pussy.

Sure, he put on a good show because he had to. That’s what you did. When your buddy offers you a high-five and a 6-pack for banging three girls in one night, you accepted it. People thought they knew Paul. 

He punched the dashboard of his Mustang -- hard -- leaving a mark on his knuckles. They had no fucking clue who he was. Who he really was. These sex-driven meatheads he called friends were clueless to the way he glanced over at them in the showers checking out their cocks. They didn’t know he jerked off in a cup and drank his own cum, imagining it was theirs. No one knew. 

As Paul sat in his car at a rest stop with the radio playing low, he took a final drag from his joint. He closed his eyes as the hot, thick smoke filled his mouth and throat, pouring out his nose. He wondered, how is it going to feel when he drank a stranger’s cum? He watched as men, one after another, entered and exited the highway rest stop bathroom. He tried keeping track but quickly lost count. At times, there were as many as 5 guys inside at once. His cock and ass throbbed at the thought of a gay orgy. He shifted in his seat, shoving his erection to a more comfortable position in his jeans. Paul was shocked at how easy it was to find this place. A quick Reddit search revealed a gay cruising underworld he never knew existed. This particular rest stop was known for older men. 

Paul loved older guys. Or at least, the thought of older guys. Experienced. Strong. Paul wanted to be manhandled.

As the effects of the weed took hold, Paul reached for the door handle. At last count, there were only 2 guys left inside the bathroom. A young blonde who looked to Paul like a surfer and an older man wearing construction boots. Despite his plaguing fantasies about sucking fat cocks and swallowing gallons of cum, the closest Paul had ever gotten to another guy’s erection was when he and a buddy fucked two girls in the back of his pick-up truck. Truth was, he closed his eyes and imagined the young virgin’s pussy was his friend’s warm mouth wrapped around his dick as it exploded inside her.

The warm night air hit Paul like a slap in the face as he stepped from his air-conditioned car. He shoved his hands into the tight pockets of his jeans and started walking toward the bathroom. He couldn’t help but look over his shoulder, wondering if anyone had followed him. Does everyone know that this rest stop is strictly for gay hookups? What if someone saw him? Just then, the surfer boy exited the bathroom, wiping his mouth and sweating. Paul’s desire instantly overcame his angst as he realized the older guy was now in the bathroom alone. Most likely waiting for his next young stud. And tonight, that would be Paul.

He pushed open the heavy metal door. The room was as hot as the outside and smelled like cum. Paul’s cock bulged in his jeans, straining to get out. The door slammed behind him and he stood there, staring at the man leaning against the stall. His belt hung loosely from his unbuttoned pants. His skin was tan against the neon yellow shirt he wore. Tattoos covered his arms. He looked up at Paul and a wide smirk crossed his face. 

“Well, well,” he said raising his eyebrows. “What do we have here?”

Paul didn’t say anything. He didn’t move. He swallowed hard, trying to think of what to say.

“Fresh meat,” the man continued, not moving. “I’ve never seen you around here before. What’s your name cowboy?”

Cowboy? Paul looked down. He was wearing tight jeans and a flannel shirt. I guess he could’ve been mistaken as a ranch hand.


Paul found his voice long enough to state his name. He was sweating profusely now, his clothes sticking to him like an extra layer of skin.

“Well howdy there, Paul. My name’s Drew.” 

The man pushed himself off the wall and turned toward Paul. He was still several feet away. Paul watched intently as the man lifted his shirt, exposing a long, thick cock at full attention. The head was wet with pre-cum. It laid perfectly against his torso, growing up from a tuft of black pubic hair. Paul couldn’t see his balls but imagined they were large and full, just like his dick.

A mix of arousal and nerves flooded his stomach.

“You like what you see? You want to touch it?,” Drew said, motioning for Paul to move closer.

Paul slowly walked across the room, meeting Drew chest-to-chest. Drew was a good 3-inches taller than him. Paul reached out an touched his hard cock, he loved it, a rush came over his body. He started to stroke it, thinking to himself, I can't believe this is happening. He wondered what this cock tasted like.

Drew placed one hand on Paul’s shoulder, applying a bit of pressure downward. It was all Paul needed to make a move. He was pursed in anticipation. 

Drew laughed. “First time?" 

And with that, Paul dropped to his knees. In an instant, his face was in line with the stranger’s cock. His skin smelt of sweat and cum. Paul wondered how many he’d had before him. Had he fucked anyone with this dick that night? The thought excited and horrified Paul, but before he had time to think, Drew grabbed the back of his neck and pushed the tip of his cock into his mouth. Paul nervously tried to slightly resist but Drew was too strong. He held him in place, forcing the length of his cock deep into Paul’s throat. He gagged and retched, nearly throwing up.

“Woah, easy there,” Drew said, slowly pulling himself from Paul’s mouth. “Is this really your first time, cowboy?”

Paul looked up from where he knelt and nodded. 

An odd smile spread across Drew’s face and excitement filled his eyes. 

“Ooooh, I see.” He was grinning even wider now. “Okay, cowboy, let’s take it slow. Just kiss it first. Nice and gentle, right on the tip.”

Paul licked his lips, took a deep breath, and obeyed. Drew’s hand was now gently holding the back of Paul’s head -- not pushing, just resting there like a sign of encouragement. Paul licked the tip of Drew’s cock, the pre-cum wetting his lips. It was warm and salty. He parted his lips slightly, taking the head into his mouth. Drew moaned under his breath. Paul swirled his tongue around the strange cock, tracing the lines with every inch of his tongue.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Drew was standing rigid, letting Paul slowly explore his cock. 

Arousal filled Paul’s body. He wanted more. He grabbed Drew’s shaft with one hand, slowly taking a few inches into his mouth. He was so thick that Paul’s mouth could barely fit around the veiny shaft. Drew slowly began pumping back and forth, gently fucking Paul’s throat. He gagged slightly, but not enough for Drew to pull out. Paul reached down, unzipping his own pants, and finally releasing his swollen cock. His hand was instantly met with hot, sticky pre-cum. He covered the tip with his own warm wetness and began stroking himself in rhythm with his mouth on Drew.

Drew began moving faster, pressing on the back of Paul’s head, forcing himself deeper into the young virgin’s throat. Surprisingly, Paul was able to take it. He opened his mouth a few centimeters more, making room for the base of Drew’s enormous cock. He stroked his own dick faster, cupping and squeezing his balls. Paul wanted to make him cum. He wanted to feel his big, hot load shoot into his mouth and slide down his throat, swallowing every drop.  

Just then, the bathroom door opened. Drew held Paul’s head in place so he couldn’t turn and see who their visitor was. But it didn’t matter.

“Get the fuck out!” Drew yelled.

Paul heard scurrying feet and the distinct slam of the door. 

“You like that dick cowboy?” Drew whispered. “Now make that fucking cock cum.”

He started deep throating Paul. He gripped his hair, fucking his mouth hard and fast. Paul wanted to gag but he couldn’t. Drew’s enormous tool filled his entire mouth as he sucked as hard as he could. His hand paused on his own dick as he braced for Drew’s load. It came without warning. It wasn’t until after the hot cum started going down his throat that Drew began grunting and moaning. He tugged on Paul’s hair, pushing himself a little deeper inside. It filled Paul's mouth, he swallowed hard and fast, trying not to choke on his first ever cum shots not wanting to waste a drop. Just when he swallowed his last gulp, Drew yanked his cock out, squeezing it and rubbing the last bits of jizz all over Paul’s mouth and lips.

Paul knelt there, motionless, his mouth parted, letting Drew decorate his face with his thick juices as he released his own huge load onto the bathroom floor in complete euphoria. Paul couldn't believe it was happening. He felt the most intense orgasm as he continued to release huge cum shots while staring at Drew's cock, savoring his cum. 

Drew released Paul’s hair, letting his head and neck drop like a rag doll. Paul breathed heavily as he started to come to. Drew smiled in clear satisfaction and handed Paul a few pieces of paper towel.

“Here, cowboy,” he said with a grin. “Clean yourself up and get the fuck outta here.”

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