Fill Me Up - Erotica

Fill Me Up - Erotica

I have very vivid memories of my first time having sex. It was with a random girl in junior high. I kept imagining switching from fucking her pussy to fucking her ass. Even after I came inside her, I couldn't stop picturing my hot load sliding out of her tight asshole. I wondered what it would feel like? A cum shot in my own ass. The best part of sex was watching her tight virgin pussy stretch around my cock as it slid into her. 

Her name was Leslie and she was average. She had a thick ass with small tits. It was a pretty quick fuck. I was mesmerized by how far her tight pussy could stretch and wondered about my own hole. Would by ass spread wide open like that for a thick cock? 

That day is when my imagination really started flowing. I’d always fantasized about sexual scenarios with people from both sexes, but that day I discovered my deepest sexual desire - breeding. Well, being bred to be exact. The only thing I found hotter than sex and coming was the thought of a cock pulsing inside my ass before delivering a hot, thick load. My ass and balls throbbed at the mere thought of it. 

To say my sexual escapades as a closet gay were few would be an understatement. They were nearly nonexistent. I didn’t think giving a blowjob in a rest stop bathroom or getting jerked off in the corner of a gay club exactly qualified me as a sexual expert. As I grew older and more aware I started cruising Grindr and Tinder for random hook-ups. Over a few months, I met some random guys for quick JO sessions and BJs but just couldn't find the right guy to take it to the next level with. Sure, a lot of them were DTF but none wanted to get an STD test so that we could take turns barebacking and breeding. After a few drinks one night I told my buddy Walter about my fantasies (he was a fellow closet gay into even kinkier shit than me) but we didn't have chemistry. 

“I have the perfect guy for you,” he said over the phone one night. I could almost hear the grin in his voice.

He didn’t tell me his name - just his address and what to wear. A pair of loose fitting black shorts and a muscle shirt. That was easy enough. Walter assured me that this guy was safe and I trusted him. I knew I was fine because I’d been tested a few months prior after a breakup and had been looking for someone new. Tonight, I was more than ready to pop my cherry. 

I arrived at the house and pulled around back as instructed. It looked like your typical bi-level with blue siding. A single light lit-up the pathway to the basement door, just like Walter said. I turned off my car and gripped the steering wheel. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweating. I swallowed deep and, before I could change my mind, climbed out of the car. It was a cool night and I was hot, my cock balls and ass tingling. I stroked by cock threw the side of my loose shorts 1 last time before I got out and started walking over to the basement door, I was about to knock but before I made contact, the white door with peeling paint slowly opened.

I stepped back slightly, straining to see inside the dark room. I couldn’t see anything but felt the urge to enter - and did. I was instantly met with warmth and a mix of cologne and weed. 

“Come in”, a husky male voice instructed.

I didn’t hesitate. As I walked in he passed me a light joint of the most amazing smelling weed, I took a long, deep pull The smoke filled my mouth and lungs. I heard the door behind my close as I exhaled. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could make out the man’s figure. He was shirtless, buff, with broad shoulders and what looked like a well-defined six-pack. He wore shorts almost identical to mine except his ass was high, tight, and firm. I still could make out his masculine 5'oclock shadowed face, as I we got further into the house I noticed the hardcore gay porn playing on the screen. 

His face was as chiseled as his body. He had a defined jaw, strong cheekbones, and black hair that fell perfectly on his forehead. Was this guy for real? He was fucking gorgeous. Was he a model or something? And then the thought hit me. Nope. Probably a prostitute. But I didn’t care. My cock was throbbing and I could feel the precum. As if reading my mind, he approached me with a rye smile and intense eyes. He pulled the front of his shorts down and his huge thick cock sprung free. At that same moment, the weed started kicking in. Just one drag was enough to create a euphoria different than I’d ever felt before.

“What was in that joint?", I heard myself asking.

He simply smiled and said, "You like this big dick?"

I nodded and mumbled, "Yes". 

"Suck on it," he demanded. 

I didn't wait another second before shoving it in my mouth. I started sucking on the head, tasting his salty precum. He pointed to the mattress.

“Go lay down on your belly," he instructed. 

I obeyed, slightly stumbling over to the makeshift bed. I pressed my knees against the mattress and let my body fall forward. My arms were outstretched above my head and my eyes closed. I instinctively took a deep inhale of the fabric, sniffing the sheets which smelled of sex. I smiled, my eyes still closed. Why did the sheets feel so good? They were the perfect mixture of silky and soft. My half-naked body wiggled and moved over the material, exciting my erection even more.

I was in a half-intoxicated state when I felt his strong hands on my ass. He squeezed and massaged the flesh firmly before running his fingers up the length of my leg. His touch trailed from behind my knee caps to the place where my ass cheeks peeked out from beneath the shorts

“Have you ever been with a man?” he asked in an amused tone.

It took me a few seconds to muster the energy to respond.

“No. Well, yes. I mean, I’ve done stuff but no, I’ve never had sex if that’s what you mean.” 

He laughed slightly under his breath.

“You mean you’ve never been fucked?”

His words made my heart race and my cock throb.

“No, never,” I said nervously.

I felt his presence as he crawled up my body. He was on all 4’s hovering over me now. He leaned down, placing his mouth directly beside my ear. His breath was hot and moist. The tip of his tongue traced the lines of my ear before dipping to the center, causing my entire body to jerk. 

"I'm going to put this cock deep up your ass," he whispered, squeezing the back of his neck. 

I felt his breath as he moved down my back, his mouth stopping just above my boy shorts. He slipped his fingertips into the top of my shorts, ripping them down and exposing my pale, virgin ass.

“Mmm, he moaned. “Nice and clean.”

I moved my body, making it easier for him to pull my shorts off. I was completely exposed now, my rock hard cock pressing hard against my belly and the firm mattress below. He said "ass up" as he grabbed behind my knees, shoving them forward and forcing me into a half downward dog position. My upper body rested on my forearms and I gasped. Was that his tongue on my asshole? I closed my eyes, focusing on the sensation. His firm, wet tongue started pushing into my asshole and he started tongue fucking me. He reached below me and started stroking my cock which hung freely between my legs. 

His hands were strong and purposeful. He grabbed my shaft before cupping the head of my cock and using my precum as lube. He tugged on my balls, bringing them up to his mouth and sucking on each one. I gripped the sheets. Every time I came close to coming, he slowed his pace. He was teasing me. He turned his attention back to my ass, spreading my cheeks wider with his hands, burying his nose and face deeper. Next I felt wet load of spit on my hole. He used his finger to spread the saliva on and out of my ass.

I felt pressure building in my pelvis. He slowly slid what I thought was a another finger into my asshole. I gasped but was equally surprised at how easily it glided into position. It felt fucking amazing. I pushed back slightly, urging him to go deeper. He obeyed, his left hand tending to my asshole while his other was still massaging my throbbing cock. I rocked back and forth on what felt like 2 fingers. 

“You like that?” He said it as more of a statement than a question. “Your asshole is so nice and tight.”

He sounded as aroused as I was. I continued to rock back on his hand, methodically grinding on his hand. I pushed my upper body up, getting a better angle. My asshole gladly accepted his fingers with ease, stretching to wrap around their girth. I took my own cock and started jerking off furiously.

“Woah, woah”, he grabbed my forearm with his free hand.

“Slow down”, he grinned. “We’re just getting started.”

He put his hand on my tailbone, pushing me back down onto all fours. With one swift motion he removed his fingers and my asshole clenched tight around empty air. I’d never felt my cock so hard. The head twitched as more droplets of precum squirted out onto the sheets. 

“Are you ready for the real thing?”

I looked over my shoulder to see him lubing up his own dick, which was the perfect size. While I fantasized about plenty of huge cocks, I didn’t know if I could handle one just yet. I watched as he rubbed lube up over the head, half jerking off and half prepping it for entry. I nodded, swallowing hard and turning back around. I didn’t want to watch. I just wanted to close my eyes and focus on the sensation. 

I tried not to hold my breath as he ran the wide head of his cock up and down my ass crack. The soft flesh felt different from his fingertips - softer and more flexible. I relaxed as he slowly pressed the tip into my tight body. I felt my ass cheeks willingly spread open. He grabbed at the flesh, pushing one cheek aside while his other hand guided his dick into my wet, lubed hole. I felt my body widen with every push. The tightness started to relax, clearly he was a pro, I gasped loudly as the fat head of his cock broke past my barrier and entered my body. Complete Euphoria.

He let out a deep-throated grunt.

“You like that cock up your tight ass”

His words make me almost cum.

“Relax,” he whispered, softly rubbing the small of my back. Thick lube slid down my ass crack as he pulled out and lathered more onto his shaft before pushing it back in. I didn’t know how deep he was but I felt my body pulling his dick in deeper with every stroke. I wanted it. I pressed back, encouraging him to go a little farther and faster. He read my body language, grabbing my hips as he pushed and pulled my body onto his tool. He was moaning as he buried his throbbing dick the final few inches. I felt his soft, firm balls make contact with my body. My ass tightened around his member, squeezing it aggressively. 

“Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that,” he said amused as he slowed his pace.

“I want you to fill me up,” I said, half begging. 

His grip around my waist tightened and he began fucking me hard and fast. The pressure was extreme. I felt every inch of him inside my back and belly. I reached down, grabbing my dick and started stroking it. I rubbed the tip and tugged on it as my body shifted back and forth beneath his aggressive thrusts. 

“Are you ready for it?” He was breathless as the pressure in his own cock was building.

“Yes!”. The thought of him coming inside me was almost enough to make me blow my load right then and there.

“Here it comes”, he groaned as his movements became more erratic pumped deeper into me.

The sensation was instantly recognizable. I felt a warm flood of hot jizz explode inside my ass. It felt like the powerful stream of hot cum was running through my entire body. Everything around me became a blur. I thought I heard him grunting out in pleasure but it sounded distant as I was focused on coming myself.

As I shot my load I could feel every muscle in my ass wrap around his cock, squeezing and releasing with short, strong pulses. My ears were flooded with an odd roar as if I was underwater. I collapsed down onto my forearms, breathing heavily and wincing in a mix of pleasure and pain. I gasped as he pulled his cock from my ass. I pushed out slightly as a hot stream of cum dripped from my hole and down my balls. 

I couldn’t help but laugh in delight and disbelief as I relished in the sensation of his gift sliding down my inner thighs. I turned over into my back, he was sitting up on his bent knees, his dick still hard, twitching between his legs. We shared an intoxicated look of satisfaction and excitement.

“Let me clean that up for you”, he said before sucking the rest of my cum out of my still hard cock and then pushing my legs back to clean me out. I instantly thought to myself, I need this again and with more men, I was hooked...

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