Experience Raw Pleasure with Gay Breeding and Barebacking

Experience Raw Pleasure with Gay Breeding and Barebacking

Does raw, uninhibited pleasure turn you on? Do you get off on the thought of risky, taboo sex? If so, you’ll love gay barebacking and breeding. In fact, you may already jerk-off to the idea of filling your bottom’s gaping asshole with your hot load. Or do you prefer being the bottom? 

Both barebacking and breeding are popular fetishes among the gay community. But, what is bareback breeding? The two concepts are different but related.

Barebacking involves having anal sex without a condom.

Breeding is the act of ejaculating inside your partner’s ass hole without a condom. The top is considered the breeder while the bottom is the one being bred.

Let’s go a little deeper (yes, please) into the world of gay breeding including where the term came from, the pros and cons of gay breeding, health and safety tips, as well as myths surrounding this taboo sex act and why so many tops love the idea of coming inside their bottom and bottoms crave being filled up!

Where Did Gay Breeding Originate?

It’s no secret that for centuries, men have been ejaculating inside women to procreate (breed) and just because it feels damn good! But why should heterosexual couples have all the fun? Gay men want to experience the same, uninhibited penetration and release.

Since ejaculating inside someone is a form of breeding, it’s no real surprise that the sex act adopted its name sometimes in the 90s. Soon, gay men were attracting partners online, at bathhouses, or while cruising by advertising that they were into breeding (taking another guy’s load or delivering their own). Fast forward to today and many men consider breeding as a form of pig play, which is kinky sex that involves fetishes like urine, spit, ejaculate, sweat, and other bodily fluids.

Gay Breeding: Top vs. Bottom

Bottoms and tops play different roles during breeding. As we mentioned before, the top is the one doing the breeding while the bottom is getting bred.

For Tops

Tops are generally more dominant and usually always assume the role of the breeder. Many enjoy barebacking (sex without a condom), although there are other ways to breed. In some cases, men will have sex with a condom but remove it right before they ejaculate, depositing their cum in their bottom’s hole. A pro tip for tops: wear a cock ring. To successfully deliver your load into your guy’s ass, you need a powerful erection. Also, never breed without your bottom knowing. This isn’t the time for a naughty, secret surprise. Some sexual surprises are good, but not every bottom wants you to pump you cum up their ass(although they should), so definitely discuss it beforehand.

For Bottoms

For those of you who love nothing more than being manhandled, stuffed, and fucked by a raw, thick cock, you’ll likely take the role of bottom and the one being bred. Some bottoms beg for it. Others are willingly passed around to take multiple loads at once. This is sometimes referred to as being a cum dump. You can learn more about that here.

What’s So Hot About Breeding?

So, with the apparent health risks involved (more on that in a minute), what’s the appeal of gay breeding? Different men will offer different answers, but the most popular consensus is that there’s nothing quite as hot and intimate as feeling your guy’s steamy load fill you up - and you WILL feel it. Knowing that your top is so turned on by you that they can’t help but explode inside you is just plain HOT! The feeling of their semen filling you up is an added bonus. Some bottoms take it one step further and claim to get off on the idea that they’re absorbing their partner’s cum deep inside their body. 

The Health and Safety Side of Gay Breeding and Barebacking

Homosexual anal sex is widely known as one of the most risky forms of sex when discussing STDs - specifically HIV. Both the top and bottom are at risk for contracting HIV through barebacking. The good news is, most men in the gay community are tested often and are pretty open about sharing their results and sexual history. This is a must when barebacking and breeding, especially if you don’t know all the partners well (in the event you’re taking multiple loads). It’s important to discuss when you were last tested and the results with anyone involved in your breeding adventures. Another alternative is having sex with a condom but removing it before you finish and ejaculating inside your bottom. You can also masturbate together and then invite your bottom to sit on your dick right before you climax. 

Pros and Cons of Gay Breeding

As with any sex act, there are pros and cons to gay breeding.


First off, bareback sex and breeding just feels phenomenal. It allows both partners to feel free and less inhibited. Sex without a condom allows for skin-to-skin contact. Both partners are now hyper-aware of every stroke, twitch, and sensation. 

There’s also the deeper emotional connection you’ll feel as the bottom accepting their load and as the top filling them up. Bareback sex and breeding is also uncomplicated. There’s no muss and no fuss among partners (regardless of how many are involved). When everyone is on the same page, you can enjoy stress-free, open sexual pleasure.

It’s no secret among gay men that the prostate gland is the Holy Grail of anal pleasure and delight. Located just a few inches inside the anal canal, this walnut-sized gland (also known as the P-spot) is packed with thousands of nerve endings just waiting to be stroked and stimulated. This erotic area is also the key to hands-free orgasms. That’s right - you can actually cum without ever touching yourself. While your top is fucking you, try different positions and angles so that his shaft is gliding against your P-spot. You’ll start to feel the pressure build but DON’T TOUCH! Just lay there like a good little bottom and take it. 

Chances are, when your top reaches his moment of climax and gets ready to fill you with his cum (breed you), your own orgasm will EXPLODE! The best part is, prostate and hands-free orgasms are often more intense and last longer than regular orgasms from penial stimulation alone. So, hold on and get ready for a truly out of body experience. 


Although the concept behind gay breeding and barebacking is to have uninhibited fun, there’s the underlying health concern of unprotected sex. This is true for anyone, but especially a concern for gay men engaging in anal sex without a condom. The risk of contracting or spreading STDs and HIV is real, which is why getting tested often and being open about the results is key. This openness allows you to sit back (or bend over), relax, and enjoy the feeling of barebacking. In addition to STDs, anal sex can cause tiny tears or cuts in the anal wall, which can pass other pathogens or bacteria between partners.

Tips for Gay Breeding and Barebacking Safely

Now that you know a little bit more about what barebacking and gay breeding are, let’s discuss a few more tips to help you ease into this wild world of fun!

Get Tested Often and Understand the Results

Getting tested regularly for STDs is the first step toward enjoying safe, worry-free barebacking and gay breeding. But you also need to understand the results and window periods. Window periods are the time between when you took the test and get the results. During this time, you shouldn’t engage in any sexual activity. Tests like Chlamydia can take up to six weeks! 

HIV is another test result that can take up to six months in some cases. If you don’t want to wait this long, consider talking to your doctor about PrEP. Short for pre-exposure prophylaxis, PrEP is an HIV prevention medication that can help reduce your risk of contracting the disease. Just remember that no medication is full-proof. 

Vaccinations are another way to protect yourself against contracting STDs during barebacking and gay breeding. Recommended vaccinations include Hepatitis A and B and HPV.

Keep It Clean

Douching is a common practice among gay men. While “dirty” surprises happen, douching certainly helps. This is a MUST for barebacking and breeding to help reduce the risk of bacteria and infections. Try to use an enema cleanse prior to every breeding session especially a gangbang.. 

Another way to promote good, clean fun is for bottoms to adopt a specific diet before anal sex. That’s right, the foods you eat play a big role in cleaning out your system. Avoid spicy foods or anything greasy or high in saturated fat. Instead, eat high fiber foods like whole grains, bananas, nuts (how fitting), and rice for at least 2-3 days prior to barebacking.

Some men perform routine manscaping around their butt hole to make for easier entry and a prettier looking package. While we’re all about looking and feeling good, be careful when trimming or shaving anywhere near your anal opening. You could unintentionally nick or cut your skin, opening yourself up (literally) to dangerous infections and STDs. 

Get Ready to Experience Gay Breeding and Barebacking the Right Way

Barebacking just feels good. With no barrier between you and your partner, you both can enjoy unrestricted pleasure. It also allows you to explore the world of gay breeding. Whether you’re a top who loves being in control or a bottom who wants to be manhandled, gay breeding is an intimate experience unlike any other. So, get tested, bend over, and get ready to accept a hot, thick load (or more than one)! 

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