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Fun Factory Limited Edition Volta Flutter Tip - Sapphire

A powerful, vibrant external toy. Please your clit, labia, or any other external hot spot with VOLTA. Its unique split shape channels vibrations beautifully, so you feel the full intensity of our powerful, German-engineered motor. The toy's fluttering tips make its vibrations feel bigger, helping to amp up your arousal and build sensitivity. It's also wildly versatile: You can let the toy tap against your erogenous zones, or press it against yourself to feel more of a classic vibration. It's also FUN to play with vibration intensity: Start with a soft setting and then build to a big finish! Above all, VOLTA is a clit toy. Find the best way to please yours by putting the toy's tips in different places: on either side of the clitoral hood, with one tip against the vaginal opening, against the labia, or whatever works. You can also enhance BJs by lubing the area between VOLTA's tips and gliding the toy along the penis shaft. Does Volta make a good couples toy? Does it ever! The toy has a slim enough profile that you can slide it between bodies without disrupting the moment. Hold it over the clit during penetration or against the penis head to feel all that motor power where it really counts. Does this vibrator make a good stroker for Trans Men? It definitely does. VOLTA's tips work great against a testosterone-enhanced clit (or T-dick, or your term of choice). Travel Lock. Waterproof. Two Year Warranty.

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