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DJ Vincenzo & ZP

The Company & Invention

 Like many men in their 30s-50's, DJ juggles his time between, family, work, relationships and evolving sex life. He enjoys entertaining, stay active and helping others bring pleasure into their lives.

DJ enjoys experimenting in his ever changing sex life but found himself continually disappointed by the subpar sex toys. One evening during foreplay talking about what each enjoyed about their sex life's and what they could do for more fun. Thanks to open-mindedness, love for orgasms and chemistry he brainstormed a new product. The product was designed to improve intimacy and connection for themselves other couples globally:


The Sex Sleeve was born! 

The completely unique original design of the Girth Enhancement Penis Sheath not only increases girth by 50% but boosts wearer's confidence and keeps partners coming back for more (literally). Its revolutionary design intensifies both mutual orgasms and the connection between you and your partner. 

First thought up in 2016, DJ created a prototype that far exceeded his expectations. Passionate about the product and on a mission to create a high-quality penis girth sleeve that actually delivers results, the adventurous couple took to the bedroom. As you may notice, the Sleeve was a success! 

Cum One Cum All!

DJ being an outside the box, openminded thinker, he quickly realized he had a product that anyone with a penis could wear and anyone receiving vaginal or anal sex would love. After all, not every couple is a perfect fit and how perfect would it be having a sleeve that could fill the gap, (literally!)

Sex Sleeves In Production

Since 2020 Sex Sleeves, Girth Enhancement Penis Sleeves has been in mass production. Zealous Pleasures is rocking, there's multiple Sex Sleeve designs, patent pending and ready to improve the sex lives of couples around the world. Whether you’re single having random hookups, dating, newly married, married with kids or simply looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom, ZP's Sex Sleeve - Penis Sleeve will you have you and your partner cumming back for more!


Pleasure Doing Business

The day DJ had realized the passion for is new invention, the sales started flowing. People say, "if you love your job and its not work", and finally he became one of them!

DJ stands behind his products and has spent years perfecting the Sex Sleeves Penis Sleeve design to guarantee a snug, comfortable fit for men, and mind-blowing sexual experience for anyone receiving both Vaginal and Anal-- every single time. Currently available in two distinct designs, you can enjoy the original Sex Sleeve or the Sex Sleeve with Clit Stimulator. Both products are made from high-quality, Platinum Silicone and are designed to resemble the feel and texture of a real penis. Invest in your relationship with ZP's Sex Sleeve because life’s full of pleasures (and yours should be too).